Rally To Support the Governor’s Budget

Maine Capital

Big Labor bosses and liberal leaders are pulling out all the stops to defeat the pro-taxpayers reforms included in the Governor’s budget.  With their union dues-funded coffers, these groups are doing everything they can to shrink the Governor’s $203 million tax cut package and defeat common sense government employee pension reform–policy changes we know will help Maine’s economy grow and create new jobs.

We cannot let them succeed.

It’s more important than ever for Maine taxpayers to stand together in support of the Governor’s budget.

The Maine Heritage Policy Center, Americans for Prosperity-Maine and Maine Taxpayers United have partnered to hold a rally in support of the Governor’s budget.  Will you come and show your support for common sense reforms to get Maine working?

Rally in support of the Governor’s budget, including the $203 million tax cut package and reasonable pension reform.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
1:30 p.m.


Statehouse Hall of Flags


To send a message to the politicians and the public that Maine people support real and common sense reforms to get Maine working.

We are counting on you to attend!  Bring your friends, family, rally signs, and passion for reform.  Let’s make March 23, 2011 a day Mainers stand together to send a positive, pro-taxpayer message that cannot be ignored.