About MHPC

The Maine Heritage Policy Center is a research and educational organization whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise; limited, constitutional government; individual freedom; and traditional American values–all for the purpose of providing public policy solutions that benefit the people of Maine.

MHPC’s staff pursues this mission by undertaking accurate and timely research and marketing these findings to its primary audience: the Maine Legislature, nonpartisan Legislative staff, the executive branch, the state’s media, and the broad policy community. MHPC’s products include publications, articles, conferences, and policy briefings.

Governed by an independent Board of Directors, The Maine Heritage Policy Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization. MHPC relies on the generous support from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and does not accept government funds or perform contract work.

Would you like to contribute to The Maine Heritage Policy Center?  You can either give online, or mail to Post Office Box 7829, Portland, ME 04112.