About Us

The Maine Heritage Policy Center is a research and educational organization whose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise; limited, constitutional government; individual freedom; and traditional American values–all for the purpose of providing public policy solutions that benefit the people of Maine.

MHPC’s staff pursues this mission by undertaking accurate and timely research and marketing these findings to its primary audience: the Maine Legislature, nonpartisan Legislative staff, the executive branch, the state’s media, and the broad policy community. MHPC’s products include publications, articles, conferences, and policy briefings.

The Maine Heritage Policy Center researches and formulates innovative and proven conservative public policy solutions for Maine in five key areas:

  • Economy & Taxation – The Jackson Center for Prosperity
  • Education – The Center for Education Excellence
  • Health Care – The Center for Health Reform Initiatives
  • Transparency & Open Government – The Center for Open Government
  • Constitutional Government – The Center for Constitutional Government

Governed by an independent Board of Directors, The Maine Heritage Policy Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization. MHPC relies on the generous support from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and does not accept government funds or perform contract work.

Board of Directors


Mr. Peter Anania, President, Anania & Associate

Timothy J. Bryant, Esq., Partner, PretiFlaherty

Mr. John Chandler, Managing Partner, BerryDunn

Thomas A. Connolly, Esq., Private Investor

Mrs. Jinger Duryea, President, C. N. Brown Company

The Honorable Neal B. Freeman, Chairman, The Blackwell Corporation

Mr. W. R. Jackson, Jr., Retired President, Pitt-Des Moines

Mr. Jeff Kane, President, National Distributors

James Ward, JD, President and Principal, Patient Advocates


Board of Advisors


Ms. Mary Adams, Grassroots Activist
(2004 Freedom & Opportunity Award Recipient)

Mr. Joel Allumbaugh, Chief Executive Officer, National Worksite Benefit Group

Mr. William G. Becker III, Key Private Bank

The Honorable Joe Bruno, Community Pharmacies

David Crocker, Esq., Solicitor

Ms. Susan Hamill, The Dette Company

The Honorable Philip E. Harriman, Lebel & Harriman

Ms. Lisa G. Martin, Manufacturers Association of Maine

Mr. Pierre Lemieux, Author and Economist


Board of Adjunct Fellows


Mr. James Frogue, Center for Health Transformation/Gingrich Group

Mr. James Hamilton, For our Grandchildren

Mr. Roy W. Lenardson, President, Strategic Advocacy

Mr. Kyle Pomerleau, Georgetown University

Mr. John Reisman, Associate Professor, University of Maine, Machias

Dr. Margo Thorning, American Council for Capital Formation

Dr. Wendy P. Warcholik, Public Choice Analytics for the U.S. States