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Crisis To Cure: Government Intrusion vs. Free Market Innovation – Understanding Maine’s Certificate of Need Law

Health care spending in the United States far exceeds that of other countries, currently representing about 18 percent of the gross domestic product. If health care continues to grow at historic rates, it is expected to reach 34 percent by […]

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The BOLD Initiative That Will Free Maine and Get Us Back To Zero

The Maine Heritage Policy Center, Maine’s foremost free-market think tank, invites you to join us for an exciting presentation as we introduce a bold initiative to fundamentally revolutionize

Milton Friedman

Friedman Legacy Day 2013

The Maine Heritage Policy Center Joins Global Effort Celebrating Late Nobel Laureate

 PORTLAND – Milton Friedman, a Nobel-recognized economist and advisor to several U.S. presidents, will be the focal point

How Money Walks

“How Money Walks” with Mr. Travis Brown

Please join MHPC for a discussion and book signing of "How Money Walks" with Mr. Travis Brown. Between 1995 and 2010, millions of Americans moved between the

“MHPC’s Action Agenda” – Bangor Luncheon Event, December 12, 2012


Portland Luncheon, September 20: “Equipping for the Elections”



Bangor Luncheon, September 19: “ObamaCare and So-Called Preventative Activities”


Bangor Luncheon: “Fiscal Impacts of Demographic Winter”


Maine Demographic Winter

Portland Luncheon – August 16: “Fiscal Impacts of Demographic Winter”


Friedman (1)

Friedman Legacy Luncheon Event – July 31, 2012

the spirit of Milton Friedman, we invite you to a luncheon celebrating freedom and education.