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Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Business – Case Study #1

Introduction Obamacare is, first and foremost, an affront to liberty-loving Americans who cherish their Constitutional right to determine their own healthcare.[i]  Obamacare puts liberty on the back burner in pursuit of a one-size-fits-all healthcare system to lower healthcare costs and, […]

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Case Study #1: Maine business would pay $30,000 more a year under Obamacare

Paying Obamacare penalties would be less expensive than providing health insurance A case study from a real business in Maine, a commercial concrete business serving the construction industry,


Updated “Fix the System” Report Shows Continued Welfare Dependency in Maine

Welfare system improved by recent reforms, but more must be done to control welfare dependence An update of The Maine Heritage Policy Center’s “Fix the System” report on


Bangor Luncheon, September 19: “ObamaCare and So-Called Preventative Activities”


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Why Maine should NOT expand Medicaid under Obamacare

One of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, is to reduce the number of uninsured residents.  One key provision aimed

Auburn Event – “ObamaCare: Maine’s Stake In The Fight”


Portland Event: ObamaCare – Maine’s Stake In The Fight


Maine on the Front Lines in the Fight Against ObamaCare




Release: Report Shows Raising Taxes to Address DHHS Deficit Would Cost Maine 6,400 Jobs

  A report released today by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) shows that raising taxes to address the estimated $121 million dollar DHHS budget gap for this


Raising Taxes for DHHS Budget Would Cost Private Sector Jobs

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is running a serious budget deficit of an estimated $121 million for this year alone.  As lawmakers work to decide