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Under the Dome Activist Training

Under the Statehouse Dome Becoming an Effective Activist in Augusta During the summer and fall, The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) and Americans for Prosperity-Maine (AFP) teamed up with State Senator Carol Weston to train more than 600 free market […]

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Maine Retiree Pensions

Taxpayer-Funded Government Pensions to Turn Thousands of Retirees into Millionaires

MaineOpenGov.Org Updates Detail Maine’s $15.4 Billion Current Retiree Pension Burden The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) held a press conference in Brewer today to unveil new updates to its

Maine Turnpike Authority – Payroll and Spending information

The Center for Open Government launched new information from the Maine Turnpike Authority today, including salary information for all of their employees and each check they wrote

Time for Transparency Act

Read the full report | The Maine Heritage Policy Center wrote this bill that would strengthen Maine's freedom of access laws, to hold government more accountable. This

Testimony Against Anti-Citizen Initiative Bills

Read the full report | Tarren Bragdon, the CEO of The Maine Heritage Policy Center, delivered testimony last week in Augusta to oppose three bills that

Testimony against LD 1353 An Act Regarding Salary Information for Public Employees

Read the full report | Tarren Bragdon's testimony against LD 1353, An Act Regarding Salary Information for Public Employees, a bill that would restrict public information available to

Transparency—Shedding Light on Government Activities I: How Will Maine Afford Retiree Health Care Benefits for State Employees and Public School Teachers?

Read the full report | Maine is abuzz with the recent news that the state government’s budget deficit has doubled from $95 million to $190 million.  While

Overview of Maine’s Term Limits Law

Read the full report | Almost fifteen years ago, Maine’s legislative term limits law was enacted as a result of a citizen’s initiative measure that won the