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Maine’s Towering Debt

Read the full report | Maine is drowning in a sea of debt. Much has been made of the budget shortfalls that have plagued the state for years, but Maine people have heard very little about the state?s growing addiction […]

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Maine Property Taxpayers Should Have Paid $188 Million Less (10%) in Property Taxes in 2008

Read the full Report | As a result of huge spending increases at the local level and a failure to pass along increased state aid, property taxpayers

Understanding Maine’s Business Climate

Read the full report | What is Maine’s business climate? That is an age-old question that is usually answered with one anecdote or another. Depending on one’s

Maine’s School Budget Validation Process Saves Tax Dollars

Read the full report | Today, Maine’s Legislature will begin debate on LD 1739, "An Act To Remove the Requirement that the Annual Budget of a Regional School

Racing to Catch Up

Read the full report | Having fallen behind more reform-minded states, Maine will struggle mightily to demonstrate to the Obama administration that it is worthy of

Setting the Record Straight on TABOR and Education in Colorado

Read the full report | To hear the opponents of the Question 4 Taxpayer Bill of Rights tell it, Colorado’s TABOR provision, passed by voters in 1992,

Setting the Record Straight on Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Read the full report | As time draws closer for Mainers to pass the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Question 4) on November 3, the rhetoric from the

Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Question 4) Needed Now More than Ever: Between FY 2008 and FY 2009, 58 percent of Maine’s towns lost a combined 3,056 people while those towns increased property taxes by $45 million

Read the full report | A startling picture of dropping population in Maine’s towns combined with an increasing property tax burden is creating a vicious economic cycle

Who’s Afraid of Questions 2 and 4?

Read the full report | Research of public records reveals that opponents of proposed vehicle excise tax cuts (Question 2) and controls on government spending (Question 4)

The “Welcome Back Tax” Created by an Unconstitutional Tax Reform Law

Read the full report | A key objective of the LD 1495 tax reforms was to “export” more Maine taxes to non-residents and visiting tourists. The law