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Release: Report Shows Maine Workers Moving to “Right-to-Work” States with Stronger Economies

24,338 Mainers, representing $800 million in income, fled to “Right-to-Work” states from 2003 – 2008 A study released today finds that allowing workers to decide whether or not to join a union can be great for a state’s economy. The report […]

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The Case for Right-to-Work in Maine: Examining the Evidence in Oklahoma

As Maine’s economy struggles to put the “Great Recession” behind it, the quest to find public policies that will aid the economy becomes more urgent. The single most


Release: Report Shows Raising Taxes to Address DHHS Deficit Would Cost Maine 6,400 Jobs

  A report released today by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) shows that raising taxes to address the estimated $121 million dollar DHHS budget gap for this


Raising Taxes for DHHS Budget Would Cost Private Sector Jobs

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is running a serious budget deficit of an estimated $121 million for this year alone.  As lawmakers work to decide

FAQ for LD 1333 Maine's Health Reform Law

LD 1333 Explained: FAQs About Maine’s New Health Insurance Reform

On May 17, 2011, Governor Paul LePage signed into law a significant health reform package to help contain the spiraling cost of health insurance for all Mainers.  Before

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MHPC Urges Sens. Snowe, Collins to Join Movement for Transparent Deficit Committee Meetings

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The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) is urging Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to join a growing movement within the U.S. Senate to

Portland Prosperity Event – July 21, 2011

The Maine

Brewer Prosperity Event – July 20, 2011

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Maine by the Numbers 2011 - 2012

Maine By The Numbers Compares State Rankings in Key Indicators

The Maine Heritage Policy Center released its 2011-2012 Maine By The Numbers today to provide a fact-based look at how Maine compares to other states and the District

Maine pension reform is savings for taxpayers

Latest Pension Reform Plan an Important Step Toward Fiscal Solvency

A plan proposed by the Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee to reduce Maine’s $4.1 billion unfunded government retiree pension debt provides some needed relief to Maine taxpayers,