Governor Kasich’s Failed Ohio Expansion

Governor John Kasich of Ohio, a likely presidential candidate, visited Maine yesterday to drum up support for a state-led initiative to call for a convention that aims to amend the Constitution to mandate a balanced federal budget.As Maine legislators consider following Kasich’s lead by passing a ...
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Maine Takes Sides in Obamacare Supreme Court Case

Maine seems to have taken a side in the U.S. Supreme Court case regarding Obamacare subsidies – but it's not the side you might expect.The case, King v. Burwell, will likely be decided this June, and represents perhaps the greatest opportunity (and the most useful bargaining chip) to dismantle or ...
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How Misinformation Pollutes Public Policy

At its best, research can be the backbone of policymaking.  It can provide the numbers that illuminate problems for lawmakers intent on solving them, and can either prove or disprove the wisdom of proposals made by leaders of all political persuasions and parties.At it worst, though, it can be a ma ...
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Lessons for Maine in Vermont’s Failure

The argument against expanding government run health care in America just got a lot stronger – thanks to the unlikeliest of sources.Last Wednesday, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announced that he was abandoning his plan for a single-payer health care system for the state, finally admitting in an ...
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Hands Off Uber, Portland

Nearly everyone knows that innovation, competition, and development are needed to bring Maine into the 21st century – but apparently not the city of Portland.In a move that was too easy to predict, Portland is now attempting to halt the rise of Uber, the San Francisco based startup ride sharing ...
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Video: Cross Border Shopping Analysis

As part of its ongoing analysis of the impact of Maine sales tax in driving Maine residents to engage in cross border shopping in New Hampshire, The Maine Heritage Policy Center released the following video, highlighting the real-world implications of sales tax policy.Here, MHPC evaluates the "retai ...
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Dealing with low wages in Maine

There is no denying that the low wages earned by Maine people are a major concern for state policy makers.Maine workers earn an average of just $26,464 per year, and over 35% of our population is classified as “low income.” Maine is even ranked a dismal 32nd in the country for median household i ...
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Your Freedom to Work

Because Maine is not a Right-to-Work state, your freedom to leave your union is restricted, but you still have options to leave or reduce your union membership.The first option is to become an agency fee payer, which means you only pay dues for the union’s cost of collective bargaining, c ...
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Blended Learning: Nexus Academy of Indianapolis (Case Study 3)

In the Midwestern United States, one charter school’s approach to blended learning was ambitious right from the start. The first five Nexus Academy schools - three in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo) and two in Michigan (Lansing and Grand Rapids) all launched on the same day: September 4, 20 ...
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Blended Learning: Rocky Mountain Prep (Case Study 2)

In southeast Denver, Colorado, one young public charter school is using blended learning to serve at-risk elementary school children – and it is generating some impressive results.Rocky Mountain Prep (RMP) is spearheaded by founder and CEO James Cryan, a 2007 graduate of Colby College in Watervill ...
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