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A Real Plan for Education Reform

Maine’s education system has lost its forward momentum.It has become stagnant in its pursuit to better educate and prepare our students for all the challenges they may face in the future.Even with the adoption of numerous expensive and “du jour” style education reforms, Maine schools are not p ...
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Here in Maine we began the process in earnest toward Proficiency Based Education with passing LD1422 in 2012. Prior to the law, it was introduced on a large scale with the pilot program, Reinventing Schools Coalition (RISC). RISC was initiated in Alaska and implemented in California and Colorado.  ...
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The Most Ridiculous Health Care Law: Certificate of Need

Maine legislators looking to support substantive health care reform need not look further than LD 734 which would repeal the most ludicrous law on health care – the Certificate of Need (CON) law.A prime example of cronyism and free market obstruction, Maine’s CON law essentially allows hospitals ...
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A Common-Sense Health Care Solution

In nearly every business transaction, customers are fully aware of the costs they will incur before they purchase a specific good or service – but that isn’t necessarily true in the health care industry.Patients are rarely, if ever warned of the costs of medical procedures, nor are they given es ...
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Deregulation of Hotels: A Smart Move for All

Last Monday, a senior adviser to Governor Paul R. LePage revealed that the governor may submit a bill next legislative session that would eliminate all government regulations and licensing requirements on lodging establishments.Given the current trend of government increasing regulations at an expon ...
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Right-to-Work: The Freedom Maine Deserves

This year, lawmakers in Augusta will once-again consider right-to-work legislation in the form of LD 489, a bill which would prohibit any person from being forced to join a union or pay union dues as a condition of their employment.As has been the case in previous years, the state-wide economic impa ...
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Governor Kasich’s Failed Ohio Expansion

Governor John Kasich of Ohio, a likely presidential candidate, visited Maine yesterday to drum up support for a state-led initiative to call for a convention that aims to amend the Constitution to mandate a balanced federal budget.As Maine legislators consider following Kasich’s lead by passing a ...
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Maine Takes Sides in Obamacare Supreme Court Case

Maine seems to have taken a side in the U.S. Supreme Court case regarding Obamacare subsidies – but it's not the side you might expect.The case, King v. Burwell, will likely be decided this June, and represents perhaps the greatest opportunity (and the most useful bargaining chip) to dismantle or ...
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How Misinformation Pollutes Public Policy

At its best, research can be the backbone of policymaking.  It can provide the numbers that illuminate problems for lawmakers intent on solving them, and can either prove or disprove the wisdom of proposals made by leaders of all political persuasions and parties.At it worst, though, it can be a ma ...
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Lessons for Maine in Vermont’s Failure

The argument against expanding government run health care in America just got a lot stronger – thanks to the unlikeliest of sources.Last Wednesday, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin announced that he was abandoning his plan for a single-payer health care system for the state, finally admitting in an ...
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