Maine spending more tax dollars on art

Maine spending more tax dollars on art

December 8, 2009 Posted by Maine Heritage Policy Center - No Comments

They are at it again.

Our friends at the Maine Arts Commission are looking for artists to complete three art projects, one at the new Brewer Elementary/Middle School (a brand new school needs brand new art projects already?) one at  Aubert Hall at the University of Maine in Orono, and a third one at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.

These three projects will cost taxpayers a total of $122,000 at a time when the state is facing about a $380 million shortfall.

We’ve highlighted some of the state’s expensive “art” projects before, including a feature in the 2009 Maine Piglet Book of the out-of-state artist’s dog paintings that reside in some choice rest-stops along I-95.

As the article mentions, Maine law designates one percent of consturction funds as “art funds,” but this writer, for one, thinks there should be a “no new spending” provision on that law during budget shortfalls like the one the state is currently facing.

When you are facing a budget crunch in your household, do you immediately run out and buy “Mona Lisa” for the living room? I don’t think so…