Dept of Labor
The Department of Labor is considering two new rules that would have sweeping effects on small businesses, retirees, and investors. Though the regulations have yet to be finalized, they are examples of the federal government’s ongoing assault on private enterprise and state sovereignty.Overtime ...
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bangor savings
In 2010, following a financial crisis fueled by irresponsible lending practices, reckless risk management, misguided government policies, and the collapse of the housing bubble, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, a massive 2,300-page overhaul of financial ...
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The Clean Water Act Goes Too Far

In 1972, Congress passed the Clean Water Act under its constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce. The law enabled the EPA to establish rules to protect the quality and sustainability of waterways used to transport goods between states.Repeatedly, the EPA has tried to expand the scope ...
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Solutions That Work for Maine

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For several years in a row, Maine’s business climate has ranked among the worst in America, with our regulatory environment earning especially low marks. In 2015, the Pacific Research Center ranked Maine 45th in the country based on an assessment of 14 regulatory policies. CNBC and Forbes both ra ...
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2012 “Maine Piglet Book” details waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars

“The book Augusta doesn’t want you to read” shows improvement in some areas, continued waste and abuse in othersThe Maine Heritage Policy Center released the 2012 Maine Piglet Book today, detailing hundreds of millions of dollars of wasteful government spending. A new version of a simil ...
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Updated “Fix the System” Report Shows Continued Welfare Dependency in Maine

Welfare system improved by recent reforms, but more must be done to control welfare dependenceAn update of The Maine Heritage Policy Center’s “Fix the System” report on Maine’s welfare system shows that while recent reforms by the LePage administration have improved Maine’s system, more mu ...
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Maine by the Numbers 2011 - 2012

Maine By The Numbers Compares State Rankings in Key Indicators

The Maine Heritage Policy Center released its 2011-2012 Maine By The Numbers today to provide a fact-based look at how Maine compares to other states and the District of Columbia in the areas of demographics, economics, health care, welfare, education and tax/fiscal.CLICK HERE for an online v ...
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