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Case Study #2: Maine blueberry farm would pay $184,000 more a year under Obamacare

Paying Obamacare penalties would be less expensive than providing health insuranceA case study from a blueberry farming operation in Maine shows that providing health insurance benefits under Obamacare would result in a staggering annual increase of more than $184,000. (Download PDF of full ...
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2012 “Maine Piglet Book” details waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars

“The book Augusta doesn’t want you to read” shows improvement in some areas, continued waste and abuse in othersThe Maine Heritage Policy Center released the 2012 Maine Piglet Book today, detailing hundreds of millions of dollars of wasteful government spending. A new version of a simil ...
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Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Business – Case Study #1

IntroductionObamacare is, first and foremost, an affront to liberty-loving Americans who cherish their Constitutional right to determine their own healthcare.  Obamacare puts liberty on the back burner in pursuit of a one-size-fits-all healthcare system to lower healthcare costs and, in the ...
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Updated “Fix the System” Report Shows Continued Welfare Dependency in Maine

Welfare system improved by recent reforms, but more must be done to control welfare dependenceAn update of The Maine Heritage Policy Center’s “Fix the System” report on Maine’s welfare system shows that while recent reforms by the LePage administration have improved Maine’s system, more mu ...
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The Economic Impact of Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard

The state of Maine is a pioneer in passing Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) legislation. First implemented in 1999, the law required that 30 percent of total retail electric sales in the state come from renewable sources. The law itself did not actually alter the state’s mix of fuel sources used ...
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Why Maine should NOT expand Medicaid under Obamacare

One of the primary goals of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, is to reduce the number of uninsured residents.  One key provision aimed at that objective is the expansion of Medicaid.  The Supreme Court, however, dealt a serious blow to the Obamacare’s Medicaid exp ...
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Maine Loses People and Their Income to States with No Personal Income Tax

In FY 2009, Maine had the 6th highest tax burden, as a percent of private sector personal income, in the country. The single largest source of Maine’s tax burden comes from the personal income tax which, in FY 2010, constituted 37.3 percent of all state revenue. This large share is driven directly ...
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Who Are Maine’s “Rich?”

Who Are Maine's "Rich?"In these dark economic times, the siren call of “tax the rich” is hurled at policymakers as the solution to Maine’s budget woes. The accusation is that the rich are just sitting on their money and having government take it from them in order to spend it will get t ...
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Higher Taxes? Not with Maine’s High Tax Burden

As Maine’s state government grapples with budget shortfalls in the Department of Health and Human Services budget and a recent lawsuit aimed at rolling-back necessary pension reforms, the calls for higher taxes on Maine’s beleaguered private sector will grow louder. However, policymakers must re ...
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The Case for Right-to-Work in Maine: Examining the Evidence in Oklahoma

As Maine’s economy struggles to put the “Great Recession” behind it, the quest to find public policies that will aid the economy becomes more urgent. The single most effective policy, that won’t cost the state a dime in revenue, would be to enact Right-to-Work (RTW) in Maine. RTW simply mean ...
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