It is well-known that Maine and New Hampshire are polar opposites when it comes to tax policy.  Maine has one of the highest tax burdens in the country at 12.6 percent of personal income (6th highest) while New Hampshire has one of the lowest tax burdens at 8.7 percent of personal income (49th high ...
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Maine Budget Savings

Right-sizing Maine’s State Government Workforce

The basis of comparison in this study is the examination of the number of Maine’s state government jobs relative to the number of jobs in the private sector as compared to the national average. Since the national average represents an amalgam of 50 states, one can reasonably assume that being abov ...
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Maine versus New Hampshire XII: Right-to-Work

Maine versus New Hampshire XII: Right-to-Work

The UnionLeader is reporting that the NewHampshire House of Representatives has just passed a right-to-work bill221 to 131.  Currently, 22 states have right-to-work laws and none in New England so this is huge.  The closest right-to-work state to Maine is Virginia.RichardVedder, the Edwin and Ruth ...
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Maine versus New Hampshire XI: The Battle of Unfunded Pension Liabilities
In my recent study, "The Cost of Doing Nothing: Maine's Pension Payments are Crowding Out Other Spending," (pdf) I noted that as Maine's pension payments grow the budget process will, more and more, be held hostage by factors outside of the state such as the performance of the stock market which aff ...
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Maine's Public Pensions are Bankrupting the State
Download the Report (PDF) | Maine’s annual public pension payment is on the threshold of explosive growth.Unlike other states, Maine has a Constitutional requirement to fully fund the pensions system by 2028—just 16 years from now.The Constitutional requirement brings some much needed transparen ...
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The Case Against ObamaCare

In March 2010, nearly half the states’ attorneys general filed suit against the federal government on behalf of their respective states to block key provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as “ObamaCare”).  Nineteen AGs partnered with Florida AG Bill McCo ...
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Typing Keyboard

Schools for Maine’s Future: The Promise of Digital Learning

Read the full report | Maine’s schools face a series of challenges in the years ahead. Despite sizable increases in school spending, student achievement outcomes have remained flat or have declined. At the same time, ongoing budget shortfalls may lead to additional cuts in school spending. Drops i ...
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Fastest Growing Maine Government Programs

The Fastest-Growing General Fund Programs in Maine Government

Read the full report (PDF) | Two years ago, the Maine Heritage Policy Center identified the 40 fastest-growing state programs funded by the state’s General Fund. That January 2009 report was developed in response to attempts by legislative budget writers to balance the state budget by making acro ...
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Maine taxes

The Economic Impact of an Enterprise Value Tax on Maine

Read the full report by Scott Moody |In legislation backed by Congressional Democratic leadership this past spring, there was an attempt to more than double the taxation on the sale of many businesses. A provision in that legislation, known as the “Enterprise Value Tax,” would have changed the f ...
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Fix Maine's Welfare System

Fix The System – Freeing Maine Families From Welfare Dependency

Read the Full ReportThe legacy of Governor John Baldacci is this:a massive expansion of the number of people trapped in Maine’s welfare systema massive explosion in public welfare spending in Maineno change in Maine's poverty rateMaine’s welfare system undermines hard work and traps parents and ...
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