Good news for Gov. Paul LePage appeared on the recently-released pages of Maine’s Structural Gap Report. Since LePage took office, the state general fund’s structural deficit will shrink $1 billion by 2019, and projections show that Maine is on pace to enjoy a $55 million surplus in 2017. In the ...
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New England, on the whole, is an economically-depressed region. Between 2004 and 2014, the average cumulative growth of a New England state’s gross domestic product was less than 29 percent. During that same time, no New England state enjoyed growth levels among the top half of the United States, ...
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A Bad Deal for Maine

On Monday, Gov. LePage is expected to veto the legislature’s $6.7 biennial state budget, and force lawmakers to either over-ride his veto or head back to the budget negotiating table.And while significant attention will be given (by Democrats and members of the media) to the fact that LePage’s v ...
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According to the Office of Fiscal and Program Review, the budget deal backed by Senate Republicans and House Democrats would raise state spending by an astonishing $294 million over the next biennium.A supposed “compromise” between Senate Republicans and House Democrats, the budget plan c ...
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RELEASE: Six conservative groups demand a better budget deal

AUGUSTA - Leaders of six major fiscally conservative groups joined together today to urge the Maine Senate to stand firm against any budget agreement that does not include income tax cuts and welfare reform. The five leaders include:Matthew Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer, Maine Heritage Poli ...
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Maine pension reform is savings for taxpayers

Latest Pension Reform Plan an Important Step Toward Fiscal Solvency

A plan proposed by the Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee to reduce Maine’s $4.1 billion unfunded government retiree pension debt provides some needed relief to Maine taxpayers, and is an important step in the right direction toward bringing Maine’s Public Employee Re ...
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