Friedman Legacy Day 2014

Friedman Legacy Day 2014

Online Ticketing for Friedman Legacy Day 2014 powered by Eventbrite ...
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Blended Learning: Nexus Academy of Indianapolis (Case Study 3)

In the Midwestern United States, one charter school’s approach to blended learning was ambitious right from the start. The first five Nexus Academy schools - three in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo) and two in Michigan (Lansing and Grand Rapids) all launched on the same day: September 4, 20 ...
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Blended Learning: Rocky Mountain Prep (Case Study 2)

In southeast Denver, Colorado, one young public charter school is using blended learning to serve at-risk elementary school children – and it is generating some impressive results.Rocky Mountain Prep (RMP) is spearheaded by founder and CEO James Cryan, a 2007 graduate of Colby College in Watervill ...
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Technology has become a vital part of American life. Combined with the Internet, innovative new technologies bring the information of the world into the palm of our hands. Kids of all ages use iPhones, iPads, Facebook, Email, Wikipedia and myriad other Web-based platforms every single day. Now imagi ...
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Take Action – Contact Your State Leaders Today

MHPC's Action Center is designed for you to easily reach out to the Governor and your state legislators about the issues that are important to you.Just follow the prompts and complete the fields. After you hit submit, your letter will be sent directly to the Governor and your state legislators.THANK ...
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Modern education and online learning
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFebruary 4, 2014February 5th is Digital Learning Day in MaineAUGUSTA, Maine – The Maine Heritage Policy Center and Americans for Prosperity Maine will host a press conference tomorrow in celebration of Digital Learning Day, Wednesday, February 5th. The press conference ...
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Bowdoin College
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFebruary 3, 2014February 6th Event to Revisit What Does Bowdoin Teach and Feature National Association of Scholars’ Dr. Peter W. WoodPORTLAND, Maine – The Maine Heritage Policy Center will host the “Global Illusions: Bowdoin’s Post-Citizens and the Future of Ameri ...
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It’s time for Maine to embrace innovation in education through online learning - a method inherently customized to suit the needs of our individual students. Think about the technological progress we’ve made in different areas of life over the past few centuries. At one time, surgeons knew only ...
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The Past and Present of Customized Learning in Maine

 Maine’s first academy, Berwick Academy in South Berwick, was founded in 1791.This is the first of a three-part series on customized learning in Maine. Download the report here.Customized learning is a student-focused system where kids enroll in the curriculum which best meets the ...
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University of Maine Payroll and Spending Data Updated on

Increased broadband infrastructure would add a significant number of jobs to the economyToday, has been updated and expanded to show eight years of salary, benefits, overtime, and stipend data for employees of the University of Maine, as well as five years of checkbook spending inf ...
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