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LD 1492: More Is Said Than Done

Last week, Governor Paul LePage delivered a letter to the 127th Legislature vetoing LD 1492, “An Act To Establish a Protocol for Review of State Education Content Standards of the System of Learning Results.”This bill, originally supported by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC), was sponsore ...
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Another Common Core Bait and Switch

Every state in the country that has claimed to have “repealed” the Common Core Standards has in fact done no such thing. Instead, they have cynically re-arranged a few standards, moved a few commas, changed the wording here or there and then just slapped on a new name in order to sell the same s ...
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Why does it always seem that those most vigilant in exercising forethought and taking responsibility end up on the hook for everyone else? This, of course, is true across contemporary culture, from the ever-burgeoning welfare state to the heavy regulatory and tax burden placed on entrepreneurs and s ...
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Sixty years ago Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman argued that just because we finance education through government that does not mean government should be in charge of education.“Education spending will be most effective,” Friedman explained, “if it relies on parental choice and pr ...
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A Real Plan for Education Reform

Maine’s education system has lost its forward momentum.It has become stagnant in its pursuit to better educate and prepare our students for all the challenges they may face in the future.Even with the adoption of numerous expensive and “du jour” style education reforms, Maine schools are not p ...
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Here in Maine we began the process in earnest toward Proficiency Based Education with passing LD1422 in 2012. Prior to the law, it was introduced on a large scale with the pilot program, Reinventing Schools Coalition (RISC). RISC was initiated in Alaska and implemented in California and Colorado.  ...
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Friedman Legacy Day 2014

Friedman Legacy Day 2014

Online Ticketing for Friedman Legacy Day 2014 powered by Eventbrite ...
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Blended Learning: Nexus Academy of Indianapolis (Case Study 3)

In the Midwestern United States, one charter school’s approach to blended learning was ambitious right from the start. The first five Nexus Academy schools - three in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo) and two in Michigan (Lansing and Grand Rapids) all launched on the same day: September 4, 20 ...
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Blended Learning: Rocky Mountain Prep (Case Study 2)

In southeast Denver, Colorado, one young public charter school is using blended learning to serve at-risk elementary school children – and it is generating some impressive results.Rocky Mountain Prep (RMP) is spearheaded by founder and CEO James Cryan, a 2007 graduate of Colby College in Watervill ...
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Take Action – Contact Your State Leaders Today

MHPC's Action Center is designed for you to easily reach out to the Governor and your state legislators about the issues that are important to you.Just follow the prompts and complete the fields. After you hit submit, your letter will be sent directly to the Governor and your state legislators.THANK ...
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