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This week, the Maine School Management Association (MSMA) – a nonprofit comprised of the Maine School Boards Association and the Maine School Superintendents Association – released a white paper on Question 2, the ballot measure which would impose a three percent surtax on high-income households ...
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Tax Flight Is Real; Question 2 Would Make It Worse

Many liberal groups, including the Maine People’s Alliance, the Maine Center for Economic Policy and the Economic Policy Institute, assert that higher taxes on millionaires does little to motivate them to move to more tax-friendly states. In 2014, the Maine People’s Alliance claimed that researc ...
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Transparency-Shedding Light on Government Activities II: The Hidden LD 1 Cost-Shift
Read the full report | In the spring of 2005, the Legislature passed LD 1, which promised to ease property tax burdens by increasing the state’s share of K-12 spending statewide. While the state did increase its financial commitment to education, it also shifted much of the funding for a number of ...
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