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Blended Learning: Nexus Academy of Indianapolis (Case Study 3)

In the Midwestern United States, one charter school’s approach to blended learning was ambitious right from the start. The first five Nexus Academy schools - three in Ohio (Cleveland, Columbus, and Toledo) and two in Michigan (Lansing and Grand Rapids) all launched on the same day: September 4, 20 ...
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Technology has become a vital part of American life. Combined with the Internet, innovative new technologies bring the information of the world into the palm of our hands. Kids of all ages use iPhones, iPads, Facebook, Email, Wikipedia and myriad other Web-based platforms every single day. Now imagi ...
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On education, Maine’s gubernatorial candidates to offer voters a clear choice.
As the Bangor Daily News reports this morning, the gubernatorial nominations of Sen. Libby Mitchell for the Democrats and Mayor Paul LePage for the Republicans "will offer voters a stark choice in November."This couldn't be more true when one considers the positions the two candidates have staked ou ...
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GOP Gubernatorial Candidates on How to Fix Maine Schools
What appears to be the last statewide debate between the seven Republican candidates for Governor took place last night, and was broadcast live on WMTW. (The debate is available for viewing on WMTW's website).The second question put to the candidates had to do with how they would improve Maine's K-1 ...
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