This week, the Maine School Management Association (MSMA) – a nonprofit comprised of the Maine School Boards Association and the Maine School Superintendents Association – released a white paper on Question 2, the ballot measure which would impose a three percent surtax on high-income households ...
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Tax Flight Is Real; Question 2 Would Make It Worse

Many liberal groups, including the Maine People’s Alliance, the Maine Center for Economic Policy and the Economic Policy Institute, assert that higher taxes on millionaires does little to motivate them to move to more tax-friendly states. In 2014, the Maine People’s Alliance claimed that researc ...
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Wendys MHPC

Checking the Facts of Minimum Wage Hikes

Maine’s third-largest industry is tourism. At a size of approximately $2.2 billion and more than 85,000 jobs tied to the hotel and restaurant-heavy sector, Maine’s economy would be heavily impacted by an increase to the minimum wage.The case for minimum wage has been made ad nauseum: people are ...
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RELEASE: Six conservative groups demand a better budget deal

AUGUSTA - Leaders of six major fiscally conservative groups joined together today to urge the Maine Senate to stand firm against any budget agreement that does not include income tax cuts and welfare reform. The five leaders include:Matthew Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer, Maine Heritage Poli ...
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Cutting Taxes has helped, not hurt, Kansas

Facts can be dangerous to an argument.Perhaps that’s why opponents of income tax reform routinely choose to omit crucial facts and key information when making their case that lowering taxes hurts our economy.For example, liberal-blogger Amy Fried chose to cherry-pick her facts when she recently at ...
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MHPC Informational Booth (Bangor)

MHPC Informational Booth (Bangor)

Please be sure to stop The Maine Heritage Policy Center's informational booth at the Maine GOP Convention.Maine GOP ConventionCross Insurance Center515 Main StreetBangor, MEApril 25-26, 2014 ...
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Maine Prosperity Event: Snowbirds Take Flight Thanks to Tax Cap on Charitable Giving (Portland)
Portland● 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ●Thursday, April 17, 2014DiMillo's On the Water25 Long WharfSnowbirds Take Flight Thanks toTax Cap on Charitable Giving The Honorable Philip HarrimanPrincipalLebel & HarrimanThe Honorable Philip Harriman, principal, Lebel & Harriman, will provide ...
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Repeal Maine’s Tax Cap On Charitable Giving

During late night budget negotiations last year, the legislature instituted a cap on all itemized deductions including the charitable giving deduction. Since there were no corresponding reductions in the personal income tax rate, this cap resulted in a stealth tax increase that hurts both taxpayers ...
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The Free ME Initiative

Free ME is a bold initiative that will free Maine. It is a realistic strategy for spurring economic development statewide.Maine has the opportunity to become America’s premier destination for economic freedom and growth. Overall, Free ME is not a new concept. Free ME simp ...
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Who Are Maine’s “Rich?”

Who Are Maine's "Rich?"In these dark economic times, the siren call of “tax the rich” is hurled at policymakers as the solution to Maine’s budget woes. The accusation is that the rich are just sitting on their money and having government take it from them in order to spend it will get t ...
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