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RELEASE: Six conservative groups demand a better budget deal

AUGUSTA - Leaders of six major fiscally conservative groups joined together today to urge the Maine Senate to stand firm against any budget agreement that does not include income tax cuts and welfare reform. The five leaders include:Matthew Gagnon, Chief Executive Officer, Maine Heritage Poli ...
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The Empire Strikes Back: Brenda Harvey’s assault on MHPC’s Welfare Report
Even in a small state like this, it is amazing what happens to you when you dare to question state agencies and departments about the work they do. For an example, one need only look at how Brenda Harvey, the commissioner of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has responded to ...
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MHPC Sues Maine Municipal Association Over Improper Electioneering Expenditures – Documents Available
Today the Center for Constitutional Government filed suit on behalf of four plaintiffs against the Maine Municipal Association over its improper interference with five citizens' initiatives during the period 2003-2009. The MMA contributed nearly $2 million in cash and in-kind contributions to four p ...
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