Portland: Health Care in Maine in the Age of Trump

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Zoning Regulations Are Driving Up Portland Rents

Renting in Portland remains unaffordable for many of its residents. Instead of saving up money for new clothes, a new car, or a much deserved vacation, many Portlanders are trapped in situations where rent takes up the lion’s share of their paycheck, leaving them little to nothing in their pocket ...
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Minimum Wage Advocates Disregard Evidence

As The Maine Wire has repeatedly shown here, here and here, proponents of a minimum wage increase in Maine seem more concerned with soundbites than responsible public policy. The Maine People’s Alliance’s website, for example, under the heading “Why increase Maine’s minimum wage?,” states ...
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To Help Businesses Thrive, Eliminate Red Tape

Business owners from around the state have one nearly-unanimous complaint: excessive regulation is killing innovation, costing jobs, and reducing growth. Recently, as President Obama approached his final year in office, his administration announced thousands of new regulations likely to cost ...
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How the Free Market Can Make Health Care More Affordable For EveryoneOne of the primary burdens poor Mainers confront is the constant struggle to remain healthy. Unable to afford costly medical care, many people are simply left hoping that their luck holds and that medical issues, if they ari ...
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The Failed Promise of Wind Energy: A Discussion

The Failed Promise of Wind Energy: A Discussion

In 2008, Maine lawmakers rushed to pass The Wind Energy Act. The sweeping legislation was a boon to the wind industry, removing regulations and speeding up the approval process. Not only would this make Maine a leader in renewable energy, claimed Gov. John Baldacci, it "would create jobs and help ...
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The Future of Drug-Testing Programs in Maine

After a thoroughly objective evaluation of the many aspects and implications surrounding state TANF drug-testing programs, this series has reached its conclusion.  This comes with perfect timing, as one of the several initiatives proposed by the Maine GOP for the upcoming referendum question seeks ...
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How Judicial Activism Devastated TANF Drug-Testing Programs

As promised in part four, this fifth installment explores how the courts have made it impossible for states to implement effective drug-testing programs for TANF recipients.In 1999, Michigan became the first state to enact a pilot drug-testing program in just three counties. Shortly after the progra ...
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One of the most common criticisms lauded against state TANF drug-testing programs is their consistent failure to effectively identify sufficient proportions of substance abusers within the number of welfare recipients tested.  This critique is often asserted to support claims contending these progr ...
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The Irony of Opposing Welfare Drug Screenings

There is a heavy dose of irony in the efforts of those who actively oppose policies for drug screening/testing programs for welfare recipients.  The road these “defenders of the poor” take is obviously paved with good intentions.  They genuinely believe barring state policies mandating current ...
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