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This Version of Expanded Medicaid is Not Better

If you didn’t know better, you would think that certain legislators in Augusta suffer from short-term memory loss.Every session since the passage of Obamacare, Maine legislators have debated liberal bills that would force Maine to add thousands of people to our expensive and inefficient Medicaid p ...
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Governor Kasich’s Failed Ohio Expansion

Governor John Kasich of Ohio, a likely presidential candidate, visited Maine yesterday to drum up support for a state-led initiative to call for a convention that aims to amend the Constitution to mandate a balanced federal budget.As Maine legislators consider following Kasich’s lead by passing a ...
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Many of Maine’s policymakers have already fallen for the siren call of Medicaid expansion as provided for under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). At first glance, expanding Maine’s Medicaid program looks like free money since Uncle Sam has promised to pick up the entire tab ...
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