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Health Insurance Reform Will Undo Decades of Premium-Hiking Policies

A new study released today by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) explains how policies enacted in the early 1990′s have driven Maine’s insurance premiums higher and higher, and created the critical need for recently passed health insurance reform to […]

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Governor Paul LePage signs LD 1333, landmark health insurance reform, into law

Historical Perspective: Why LD 1333 – Maine’s New Health Insurance Reform?

On May 17, 2011, Governor Paul LePage signed into law a major health reform package to help contain the spiraling cost of health insurance for all Mainers.  Before

The Silent Tax Revolt: Mainers Cross-Border Shopping in New Hampshire II

Read the full report | Faced with a $225,000,000 budget shortfall, some Maine legislators are considering significant tax increases in order to close the budget gap. Perhaps

Tax Savings to Mainers Engaging in Cross-Border Shopping In New Hampshire

Read the full report | Maine shares a border with only one other state—New Hampshire. More importantly, from a tax policy perspective, the Maine- New Hampshire border