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Maine Property Taxpayers Should Have Paid $188 Million Less (10%) in Property Taxes in 2008

Read the full Report | As a result of huge spending increases at the local level and a failure to pass along increased state aid, property taxpayers paid$188 million more in property taxes than they should have in 2008. In […]

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Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Question 4) Needed Now More than Ever: Between FY 2008 and FY 2009, 58 percent of Maine’s towns lost a combined 3,056 people while those towns increased property taxes by $45 million

Read the full report | A startling picture of dropping population in Maine’s towns combined with an increasing property tax burden is creating a vicious economic cycle

How Local Government Can Thrive with Spending Limits

Read the full report | Local and state government can benefit greatly from spending limits that put into place reasonable allowances on the growth of government. Opponents