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Confronting the Critics: Myths and Facts about Charter Schools in Maine

Read the full report | This was supposed to have been the year that Maine finally enacted legislation authorizing public charter schools. In Washington, the Obama Administration strongly supports public charter schools, with the president himself calling on states to lift any […]

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Public Charter Schools: Centers for the Kind of Educational Innovation that Maine Needs

Read the full report | Public charter schools are public schools that, by virtue of their unique system of governance, have more control over their own budget, staff

Empowering Students, Achieving Results: Three reform approaches that would bring greater accountability to Maine’s institutions of higher education

Read the full report | Maine has a higher education problem. Attorney and Bangor native Eliot Cutler, a former White House official, recently delivered a well-received

Is Maine’s Public University System Meeting Needs of the Private Sector?

Read the full report | According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maine state government spent $715,163,000 on higher education in FY 2006—$544 for every man, women and child in

Improving Civic Education in Maine’s Public Colleges and Universities

Read the full report | Last year, the Delaware-based Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) published a report titled Failing Our Students, Failing America: Holding Colleges Accountable for Teaching

Reforming Teacher Pay in Maine – Part 2 Making Alternative Teacher Compensation Systems Work

Read the full report | As The Maine Heritage Policy Center described in a recent Maine View policy brief entitled Reforming Teacher Pay in Maine - Part

Beyond School District Reorganization: A Vision for Education Reform

Read the full report | Just before the December 1st deadline for Maine’s school units to submit their district reorganization plans, the Maine Department of Education released

Maine’s Laptop Program is Improving Student Writing? Not so fast…

Read the full report | On October 24, 2007, the Maine Education Policy Research Institute at the University of Southern Maine released a report which claimed that

Saving Our Small Schools: Is Privatization an Option?

Read the full report | Maine’s small schools are in danger. Though legislators deliberating Governor Baldacci’s school system consolidation proposal could have found other ways to generate administrative

The Promise of Public Charter Schools: Closing Maine’s Achievement Gap

Read the full report | Last summer, in the midst of high school graduation season, Education Week Magazine released the results of an extensive, nationwide study of