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The Cost of Federal Regulations on Maine Businesses

According to the Small Business Administration, the annual cost of federal regulations on business in the United States exceeds $2 trillion. Every year, about 8 billion hours (or the equivalent of 4 million full-time employees) are spent complying with the tens of thousands of tax and regulatory pol ...
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Opponents of Maine’s new health care reform law (PL90) erroneously describe the law as “a gift to the insurance companies.”  In reality that gift has come in the form of more stable markets spurring investment and opportunities for insurers to compete for market share.  Therefore, the real w ...
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Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Business – Case Study #1

IntroductionObamacare is, first and foremost, an affront to liberty-loving Americans who cherish their Constitutional right to determine their own healthcare.  Obamacare puts liberty on the back burner in pursuit of a one-size-fits-all healthcare system to lower healthcare costs and, in the ...
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Who Are Maine’s “Rich?”

Who Are Maine's "Rich?"In these dark economic times, the siren call of “tax the rich” is hurled at policymakers as the solution to Maine’s budget woes. The accusation is that the rich are just sitting on their money and having government take it from them in order to spend it will get t ...
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Families and Entrepreneurs make up top earners, income tax hits them hardestA report released today by the Maine Heritage Policy Center shows that Maine’s high-earning individuals are working married couples with dual incomes and risk-taking entrepreneurs who create jobs. This is in stark ...
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