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Maine Health Reform LD 1333 Obamacare

Replacing Big Government Health Care with Patient-Centered Reform

Maine’s past and present free market health policy experts partnered with the national Heritage Foundation to publish a report that serves as a guide for other states that wish to enact patient-centered, market-based health insurance reform to increase choice and […]

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2010 Freedom and Opportunity Luncheon Keynote Speaker Scott Rasmussen.

350 Attend Eighth Annual Freedom and Opportunity Luncheon

350 people attended The Maine Heritage Policy Center's eighth annual Freedom and Opportunity Luncheon on Wednesday, breaking the previous attendance record of 312 in 2008. [caption id="attachment_1001" align="alignnone" width="300"

Testimony Against Anti-Citizen Initiative Bills

Read the full report | Tarren Bragdon, the CEO of The Maine Heritage Policy Center, delivered testimony last week in Augusta to oppose three bills that