Governor Jeb Bush: A Record of Leadership and Policy Accomplishment
Read the full report | In his two terms as Florida’s 43rd governor, Jeb Bush challenged the status quo and reshaped state government in order to lead Florida, the nation’s fourth most populous state, towards a prosperous future.Summing up his legacy in the Washington Post, Governor Bush said:“ ...
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Committee Tax Reform Plan not “Revenue Neutral”
Read the full report | The tax reform plan proposed by the Taxation Committee that is winding its way through the Maine Legislature is "revenue neutral" in Augusta, but it would raise Mainers’ taxes by almost $40 million.This is not due to a technical error by revenue estimators in Augusta – the ...
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A Plan to Reform and Reduce Maine’s Taxes
Read the full report | Mainers have been hit with a barrage of tax reform proposals from the Maine Legislature, but no clear plan that will reduce the Maine tax burden. The proposals beg the question, “Where’s the beef?” Like the iconic Wendy’s slogan, which was implemented to chastise their ...
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