Now What? A Blueprint for Maine’s Path Forward.

The election is over, and we finally know that Governor Paul LePage will be in the Blaine House for the next four years, his priorities, and how he intends to lead the state. We also know who will be there to help, or block, Governor LePage’s agenda in the legislature.Matthew Gagnon, CEO of The Ma ...
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J. Scott Moody

Release: MHPC on Maine’s Falling Unemployment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENovember 22, 2013The Maine Heritage Policy Center's CEO and Chief Economist released the following statement on Friday in regard to the latest unemployment report from the Maine Department of Labor:PORTLAND, Maine – "Maine's falling unemployment rate is more than some s ...
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Who Are Maine’s “Rich?”

Who Are Maine's "Rich?"In these dark economic times, the siren call of “tax the rich” is hurled at policymakers as the solution to Maine’s budget woes. The accusation is that the rich are just sitting on their money and having government take it from them in order to spend it will get t ...
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Which Tax Plan is Best for Maine?

There is finally some good news for Maine taxpayers.  The tax discussion on both sides of the political aisle in Augusta is not whether to have tax relief, but how much tax relief Mainers should have.  However, two proposed tax plans—one by the Republicans and the other by the Democrats—approa ...
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220 Million Reasons Why the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Helps Maine’s Beleaguered Taxpayers
Read the full report | On November 7, 2006, the citizens of Maine voted for a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). Unfortunately, the initiative failed, but only by 4 percentage points (54 percent opposed to 46 percent in favor)—or a swing of only 20,899 votes.After the close TABOR vote, the 123rd Ma ...
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