2009 County Population Estimates


In February I showed a presentation at our monthly Bangor and Portland lunches that showed Maine lost population for the first time since the 1960s.  Recently the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Census Bureau released more detailed county level population estimates.  The data further supports the “demographic winter” concept that I discussed which means that the birth rate is too low to support the existing level of population. 

First, as shown in the table (click “continue reading” to view table), the population loss is widespread with 11 of Maine’s 16 counties shrinking.  More disturbingly, 7 counties showed a negative natural increase meaning there were more deaths than births in those counties.  Overall, there were only 789 more births than deaths in all of Maine!

I can not understate how big of a problem this is for the Maine’s future.  Reversing it will take a long time . . . for starters we could begin by reversing the decline in Maine’s private sector which would help provide good paying jobs to keep and attract young families.