The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing people from dependency, creating prosperity, and redefining the role of government. Founded in Portland in 2003 by a handful of passionate citizens concerned about the direction the state was headed, MHPC has become the leading conservative public policy voice in Maine.

Governed by an independent Board of Directors, The Maine Heritage Policy Center is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization. MHPC relies on the generous support from individuals, corporations, and foundations, and does not accept government funds or perform contract work. With six full-time staff members and hundreds of individual supporters, we conduct detailed and timely research and develop public policy solutions that improve the lives of Maine citizens.  We educate the public, engage legislators, and employ the media to shift public opinion and establish enduring legislative change in our state.

Over the past fifteen years, we have testified hundreds of times before the Maine Legislature. Some of our most notable victories include the largest tax cut in state history, historic welfare reforms that led to higher rates of employment, public-sector pension reform that saved taxpayers more than $1 billion, financial transparency, including “sunshine” on the pay and perks of government employees, and pro-market insurance reforms that are actively driving down healthcare premiums for many Mainers by more than 50 percent. These positive changes are the direct result of MHPC’s work and generosity of our supporters.

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