Center for College Affordability and Productivity: The REAL reasons why Universities cost too much


The state got more finger-pointing from the University of Maine system yesterday, as it continues to find a way to explain massive budget shortfalls. The blame this time is directed at the Community College system, which is apparently stealing kids away from USM and other UMaine schools. Seems strange though, that other colleges seem to be doing just fine. This August 2007 press release from Husson College in Bangor, which is just across town from Eastern Maine Community College, reports record enrollment, having adding an average of 100 students per year since 2000, despite the presence of EMCC.
Whats really wrong with our colleges? A new report out from Dr. Richard Vedder’s Center for College Affordability and Productivity lays out 12 reasons why our universities seem to be spending more than ever while achieving less. Hint: It has to do with productivity or lack thereof.
The solution, by the way, is not more taxpayer funding. It is (surprise!) good old-fashioned free-market competition. Read the entire report here.