Congratulations to our nominees


The Maine Heritage Policy Center congratulates Democrat Senate President Elizabeth “Libby” Mitchell and Republican Mayor Paul LePage for winning their parties’ nominations for governor.

We look forward to Ms. Mitchell, Mr. LePage, and the three unenrolled candidates; Eliot Cutler, Kevin Scott and Shawn Moody; running exciting campaigns that focus on the issues important to Maine people.

The next governor faces significant challenges.  Our nearly $12 billion public debt, budget shortfalls, declining student enrollment, stagnant job growth, and budget busting entitlement programs are holding Maine back from becoming the Opportunity State we know it can be.  Each of these challenges must be addressed to get back on track to economic recovery and long term financial security for Maine families.

Although MHPC does not endorse any candidates, we will continue to promote our research and ideas for change.  We hope to work with all the candidates running to promote responsible, free market reforms that will make a difference for Maine.