Constitutional Challenge to Maine’s “Welcome Back Tax”


Press Conference Announcing a

Constitutional Challenge to Maine’s “Welcome Back Tax”

Penalizing Families Moving to Maine with up to $2,200 in Higher Income Taxes

Remarks by Troy Dennen, Plaintiff My name is Troy Dennen.

I work in Maine as a design engineer in a local high-tech company. Right now, unfortunately, I reside in Massachusetts with my wife and children.

Moving to Maine is something we have been trying to do for some time now. My parents live here in southern Maine and we want to move here to bring our family closer together. We have three kids. My wife and I would like to raise our children close to their grandparents, and I know they would love very much to see their grandchildren grow up and be an active part of their lives.

It is a long process to get a job in Maine and move my family here. I was recently able to find a job with a company here in southern Maine. As I mentioned, I am a design engineer. It is a good, high tech job that I enjoy.

Before my family can move to Maine, we have to list and sell our home in Massachusetts and, hopefully, be able to move the entire family to Maine in early 2010.

Like most families, we can’t afford two mortgages. Right now I commute two and one half hours one-way to get to my Maine job.

Imagine my shock and dismay when I learned that the State of Maine is punishing my family with this new “Welcome Back Tax” that will punish me with almost $2,000 in higher income taxes next year.

I thought state officials wanted families to be able to move to Maine to work and raise a family?

Why is State Government punishing me with this “Welcome Back Tax” that reduces my take home pay by almost $2,000 as we are trying to raise our three kids?

This “Welcome Back Tax” sends a chilling message to my family and the tens of thousands of families like ours.

This “Welcome Back Tax” is wrong and, based on my understanding of the law, unconstitutional. I am pleased to be represented by The Maine Heritage Policy Center and fight this unconstitutional law that hurts my family.

There are lots of other families like ours who want to move back to Maine to live and work and raise their kids. It is not right that those families will have to pay up to $2,200 in higher income taxes just for moving back to Maine.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak today and be part of what will hopefully be a large group of families fighting this unconstitutional “Welcome Back Tax.” I am sorry that I am unable to stay to answer questions, but I need to return to work.

Thank you.