“Demographic Winter” the Movie


As I pointed out in my last blog citing the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Maine’s net natural population increase (births minus deaths) was a mere 180 people. A simple projection of the past 20 years worth of data suggests that next year could be the first year of net negative natural population growth in Maine. Demographers have a new term for this which I’ve mentioned before . . . “Demographic Winter.”

In a nutshell, Demographic Winter is when there are too few young people, or at least having too few babies, to sustain the current level of population. Maine appears headed for such a scenario, barring a huge influx of fertile domestic or international migrants. This will create a strong headwind for future economic growth.

I recently became aware that the movie titled “Demographic Winter” has been posted on YouTube in its entirety. It runs for about 50 minutes, but I promise it is worth the trip . . . check it out. Though I wouldn’t advice watching it while eating your lunch :-)