Energy Costs Matter Too . . .


I received this press release today from the Small Business Administration. In a nutshell, their new study finds that energy costs matter more to small businesses than for large businesses. This is particularly important in Maine since the economy is dominated by smaller businesses. As a result, Maine’s economy is more vulnerable to higher energy prices than other states.
For Release: April 22, 2008
Contact: John McDowell, (202) 205-6941
SBA Number: 08-09 ADVO
Small Firms Hit Hardest By Rising Energy Costs
Manufacturing And Commercial Sectors Top The List
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Small firms are hardest hit by rising energy costs, according to a study released today by the Office of Advocacy of the U.S.
Small Business Administration. The small manufacturing and small commercial sectors top the list of burdened industries, on an energy cost per value of industry shipments and an energy cost per sales basis.
“This report shows that, on a disaggregated basis, energy prices can affect different industrial sectors in different ways,