Highest Paid Maine Turnpike Authority Employees


With news today that the Maine Turnpike Authority is closing down the Falmouth spur to Turnpike north on-ramp for a year to complete a $6.5 million bridge project, let’s take a look at the recently released Turnpike salary data from MaineOpenGov.org and see who at the MTA is taking home the most in toll payer dollars.

Name PositionName Total Compensation
Neil R. Libby Deputy Executive Dir & Chief Financial Officer $178,601
Paul E. Violette Executive Director $166,986
Peter S. Merfeld Chief Operations Officer $139,736
Wesley L. Jackson Director of Maintenance $132,790
Douglas D. Davidson Director of Finance & Information Services $128,282
Conrad W. Welzel Government Relations Manager $122,807
Richard R. Barra Director of Fare Collection $122,245
Daniel J. Paradee Public Affairs Manager $122,104
Thomas J. Hayden Printing Room Coordinator $116,761
Lauren Graveline Carrier Director of Human Resources $115,749
Stephen R. Tartre Director of Engineering & Building Maintenance $115,749
William E. Wells Deputy Dir & Equipment Maintenance $110,209
Scott A. Warchol Project Admin-Engineering & Building Maint. $107,143
William K. Franklin Deputy Dir Building Maintenance & Engineering $106,735
William H. Yates III Network Manager/Network Engineer $106,468
Robert B. Williams Manager of Application Development $106,468
Roger D. Mathews Highway Division Supervisor $106,049
Regina R. Wyman Deputy Director of Fare Collection $105,456
Jonathan A. Arey Staff Attorney $105,203
Gregory J Stone Director of Highway Safety $105,203
Gregory P. Hinds Supervisor of Building Maintenance $104,698
William M. Thompson Highway Maintenance Foreman $104,266
Terry L. McCarty Toll Plaza Supervisor/Non-Assigned $103,192
Bernard A. Perry Highway Division Supervisor $102,213
John D. Roberts Right of Way Manager $101,406
Richard W. Somerville E-ZPass Manager $101,406
John M Branscom Environmental Services Coordinator $100,844
Scott N. Lachance Engineering/Right Of Way Assistant II $100,669

For a complete picture of how the Maine Turnpike Authority spends your toll dollars, check out MaineOpenGov.org.