How Local Government Can Thrive with Spending Limits


Read the full report | Local and state government can benefit greatly from spending limits that put into place reasonable allowances on the growth of government. Opponents of those growth allowances argue that governments will be crippled and services cut to the point where Mainers quality of life will diminish. They paint a scary picture indeed; one in which hospitals, schools and libraries will close, where 911 emergency services will shut down, and police and fire departments will be left without the tools and resources needed to function. While fear mongering may be a brilliant communications and public relations strategy, it is not an accurate depiction of the situation. It presupposes that there are only two options: higher taxes and spending, or fewer services.

There is a third option: finding efficiencies in government budgets in order to protect, or even enhance, public services without the need of consistently higher revenues. How are such results achieved? The importation and utilization of proven public policy management tools from around the country. Doing so will ensure vital public services are provided efficiently and effectively, protecting Mainers high quality of life.

Put simply, the sky will not fall.