Innovations from Health Providers – Concierge Care


The Houston Chronicle recently highlighted the move of some family physicians to customized or concierge care. According to the article:
“Concierge medicine is a relatively small movement in the U.S.
Typically, physicians who charge an upfront annual fee [$1,500 to $1,800] reduce their caseloads, which allows them to make house calls and focus on wellness matters from weight management to depression. Some give patients their cell phone numbers.
Proponents say concierge care is a revolt against the modern health care system where diminishing Medicare and insurance payments have forced doctors to herd dozens of sick patients through their offices in five-minute increments every day.”
Some insurers – United and Cigna – don’t like it. Others – like Anthem – don’t care as long as patients recognize it is a non-covered, out of pocket cost.
According to the customized care trade association of MDVIP, there are 210 physicians nationwide that offer customized care. Maine has none.
When patients pay out of pocket for services, health care is naturally going to become more customized and responsive to their needs. Watch for this trend to make its way to Maine in the near future.