Liveblogging the Education Committee’s Work Session on the Race to the Top bills, Part 5


Closing in on a vote on LD 1799…

A good speech from Rep. Johnson, who says he’ll support LD 1799 because he believes student performance data SHOULD be one of the factors used in teacher and administrator evaluations.

A good speech from the thoughtful Rep. Casavant, who doesn’t know how
he’ll vote. Good to see a legislator really struggle with a vote, which
he is.  Too many votes here are done with too little real deliberation.

Final vote in LD 1799:  9 to 1 Ought to Pass

Quickly on to LD 1800, and already an Ought to Pass motion from Rep. Sutherland.

Rep. Casavant leads off yet another impassioned speech by saying that he thinks MHPC was right that Maine is not pushing reform hard enough.

Vote: 9 to 1 on LD 1800