Liveblogging the Education Committee’s Work Session on the Race to the Top bills, Part 7


The opposition to charter schools is already springing into action in response to Rep. Casavant’s move to re-introduce charter school legislation.

Rep. Finch argued that charter school legislation could NOT be re-introduced at this point, in accordance with the legislature’s joint rules, since it was defeated last session.

Sen. Alfond claimed that “a new study” is out showing that charter schools are no better than traditional “publicly funded” schools. He wants this study, which he “has on his computer” distributed to the committee.

I was personally approached by a lobbyist who suggested, as Rep. Finch did, that a charter school bill could not be introduced anyway, so why were the Republicans bothering? He was chagrined to learn that Democrat, Rep. Casavant, had put the idea forward…

So, everything old is new again – back into the breach on charter schools – promises to be an interesting few weeks.

Senate Chair Alfond suggested that the work session on LD 1801 will take place TOMORROW.