Liveblogging the Education Committee’s Work Session on the Race to the Top bills


The Education Committee has begin its work session on LD’s 1799, 1800 and 1801, the three bills put forward by the Baldacci Administration in an attempt to improve Maine’s chances for winning a federal Race to the Top grant.

Given how weak these bills are, it doesn’t seem that actually winning a grant is that high of a priority, but these are the bills that the Baldacci administration put forward.

Right now, the committee’s analyst, Dr. Phil McCarthy, is briefing the committee on the testimony from the public hearing.

What will happen today? My guess is the first two bills will be passed quickly, but there will be an attempt to replace the third bill, the one creating “innovative schools”, with the charter school bill that was debated last year. Could be lots of debate this afternoon…

Stay tuned!