Maine Education Association spends $1000 in Utah


An AP wire story out yesterday revealed that “The Utah Education Association received small donations from teacher unions in Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio and Maine” in support of its efforts to defeat a school voucher plan passed by the Utah legislature. The plan goes before voters in November. According to the article, voucher opponents, led by the teacher’s unions, have raised more than $1.8 million, a million dollars more than voucher supporters have raised for their side.
Counted among that $1.8 million is this $1000 contribution from the Maine Education Association.
Why would the MEA spend $1000 to fight school vouchers in Utah? The same reason they have fought reforms like charter schools here in Maine for years – to protect their power and influence.
How sad it is that instead of working to improve Maine’s schools, the MEA is focused instead on crushing a promising and innovative school reform effort thousands of miles away, and using the dues paid by hard-working Maine teachers to do it. Our teachers deserve better.