Maine legislator wants cell phone regulations


Again we find Maine leading the way in the wrong direction.

In a story that is making national headlines, Maine state rep. Andrea Boland, a Democrat from Sanford, wants to force cell phone manufacturers to include warnings on all devices and packaging that state that cell phones carry a risk of causing cancer (although, much like global warming, no scientific evidence exists to verify that “fact”).

Boland has convinced the appropriate people in the state house to let her bill come through in the 2010 session that is normally reserved for “emergency” and “governors” bills only.

Nowhere in the country is this required, and only the extremely liberal San Fransisco is trying to push through a similar requirement.

Interestingly enough, Boland is listed as a “Independent Nutriceutical Distributor” (nutriceuticals is the practice of adding “vitatmins” to regular food and then claiming them to be more “healthy”) an industry that is known for its extreme lack of regulations…

These salespeople, of which Boland is one, also claim their “nutriceuticals” help prevent cancer, another unproven claim that at least one doctor says is rubbish.