Maine Policy’s Statement on Gov. Mills’ $10.3B Budget Proposal



January 11, 2023
Contact: Jacob Posik
Director of Communications
Office: 207.321.2550

Maine Policy Institute Statement on Gov. Janet Mills
$10.3 Billion Biennial Budget Proposal

PORTLAND, Maine – Maine Policy Institute policy director Nick Murray issued the following statement in response to Gov. Janet Mills’ $10.3 billion biennial budget proposal:
“Governor Mills continues to show that she has no fiscal restraint. Piling on almost $1 billion in additional spending is not fiscally responsible. Mainers continue to be fleeced by inflation and one of the highest tax burdens in the country. Meanwhile, state government coffers have never been more flush with cash. 
Maine should make major structural reforms to its budget during these trying economic times. Asking taxpayers to continue giving up so much of their hard-earned money to state government is irresponsible and out-of-touch.
In other states, including Connecticut and California, Democratic governors are moving to cut taxes and spending. By comparison, Governor Mills’ proposal is a radical departure from the economic reality on the ground.
After two budget cycles of unsustainable growth, a more responsible approach would be to exempt the first $50,000 earned from the state income tax for all Mainers and cut spending below the current baseline. 
In addition, if the previous ‘free’ community college plan is extended in its current state, Maine taxpayers will continue to underwrite the education of students who are not required to have graduated from a Maine high school or lived in Maine prior to enrollment, or successfully graduate from their degree program and stay in Maine after graduation, to be eligible for ‘free’ tuition.”

Maine Policy earlier this week released a budget analysis that offers three different frameworks to cut taxes, rein in spending and grow future prosperity for all Mainers. All three budget options included in the report would chart a better course for Maine people than the proposal offered today by Gov. Mills.


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