Maine versus New Hampshire V


First, our new Cross-Border Shopping report by J Dwight and I is now released titled: “The Silent Tax Revolt: Mainers Cross-Border Shopping in New Hampshire II” One point we left out of the report was that we did a reverse count of all NH license plates at the Biddeford Super-Walmart. We counted a grand total of . . . drum roll please . . . 3 cars.
Speaking of New Hampshire, I have been brushing up on New Hampshire news by reading the Manchester’s Union Leader. I came across two opinion articles that highlight an important difference between Maine and New Hampshire–how residents of each state view the world. When reading these two articles, ask yourself if you would read either in the Portland Press Herald?
1) Without the Pledge: NH would become Connecticut, Tuesday, Mar. 11, 2008.
2) The NH Advantage: Two studies help define it, Sunday, Mar. 9, 2008.