Maine versus New Hampshire XIII: Right-to-Work


More bad new for Maine’s economy . . . New Hampshire is close to becoming a right-to-work state:

The New Hampshire Senate voted 16-8 to pass a right-to-work bill this morning.

House Bill 474 would end the rights of unions to collect fees from non-union members in companies they represent, and would make it illegal for companies to deduct those payments.

Union officials yesterday said the bill is an attack on the dwindling middle class. Those who favored the bill said it is a matter of freedom and personal choice, and argued it will attract new business to the state.

Gov. John Lynch has said he will veto the bill if it gets to his desk. The Senate vote would provide enough for the two-thirds vote it needs to override that veto.

The House passed the bill 221-131, short of a veto override vote. If the House agrees with changes the Senate made, it will go to Lynch’s desk. If not, the bill will to a committee of conference for a compromise.