Maine’s Nanny State ways continue


We hear today from the anti-business, Maine “environmental officials” who are letting us know that “federal laws to protect the public from toxic chemicals are too weak.”

Maine already has stringent laws and regulations regarding toxins, along with plenty of “anti-toxin” programs including “policies to promote safer chemicals in child products and prioritize hazardous chemicals.”

I have heard from sources that there is a “list” of “toxins and chemicals” on the table that these “environmental officials” would like to see banned from use, one of which is some type of binding chemical that is used in everyday items, and has no known replacement. Banning products like this, or others, would come at a huge expense to already struggling business.

As if over regulating business isn’t enough (not like it’s anything new for Maine government) the “environmental officials” would also like some more of your money, to fund their efforts to further handcuff business, making the products you buy everyday more expensive than ever.