New Hampshire Says “Load Up” to Cross-Border Shoppers


I think this article from the Union Leader on the “Load Up” program speaks for itself:

State legislators, local businessmen and the New Hampshire Grocers Association are touting a new effort to bring more out-of-state shoppers across the border.

“The initiative is a public/private awareness campaign called Load-Up!,” said John Dumais, president of the grocers association, during a Monday morning press conference at Klemm’s Mobil in Windham.

The program will include media interviews and coverage throughout New England to remind shoppers of New Hampshire’s retail advantages, Dumais said.

“They may be aware of some of our significant retail advantages such as no sales tax; lower liquor, wine, and beer prices; no state tax on lottery sales; no container deposits; lower gasoline taxes and of course, lower cigarette prices,” said Dumais. “Yet, with the current economic conditions they may not be aware of how much they can actually save by regularly traveling to New Hampshire to do their shopping.” . . .

More than 1,000 stores are scheduled to take part in the Load-Up program by greeting customers with at-the-door signage, according to Dumais.

“These signs will welcome visitors and remind them of the New Hampshire benefits awaiting them inside,” he said. “More importantly, it will include a unique QR code that when accessed by a smartphone directs them to a customized website.”

The website is intended to educate customers on why New Hampshire is the best place to purchase items such as beer and wine, gasoline, and cigarettes, and comparisons of taxes on the items in all New England states, according to Dumais.

Attracting more cross-border shoppers to New Hampshire is good for the economy and encourages the growth of small business, according to House Speaker William O’Brien.

“When you operate a business on a razor-thin margin, like many of these convenience stores do, a few pennies on the tax rate can make a big difference,” he said. “it can be the difference between growing and hiring or just holding on and waiting for better times.”

In the House, O’Brien said he has worked with legislators to eliminate the lottery winning tax, roll back the tobacco tax, and block efforts to raise the gasoline tax.

“We need to make sure New Hampshire remains competitive in every area so that when people look to the state they see the low costs we have,” he said.

And just in time for the Holiday shopping season . . . coincidence?