New Population Data from the Census Bureau


The Census Bureau just released their new population estimates for changes between July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006. In total population growth, Maine ranked 43rd growing by a mere 3,354 people. Of this 1,166 from births exceeding deaths and 1,944 total in-migration. However, in-migration is divided between 1,017 from international sources and only 927 from other states–of which 5 is my family :-) Maine ranks 28th in terms of in-migration from other states; however, we rank as the second lowest amongst those states with positive net-inflow. This suggests that the recent surge in population due to in-migration from other states has perhaps run its course. Especially considering almost 50,000 people fleed Massachusetts and almost another 30,000 that fleed from Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut its surprising to see so few choosing Maine as a place to relocate. Could it be because there are no new jobs in Maine?
Results of other New England states:
New Hampshire grew by 8,076 people (2,170 net in-migration from other states).
Vermont grew by 1,521 people (-671 net out-migration from other states).
Massachussets grew by 3,826 people (-49,528 net out-migration to other states).
Rhode Island lost 5,969 people (-12,566 net out-migration to other states).
Connecticut gained 4,108 people (-16,944 net out-migration to other states).
Finally, here is an astounding population fact to ponder. Texas was the fastest growing state in the union—with a SINGLE YEAR INCREASE of 580,000 people! 344,000 of which came from migration—125k from international and 219k from other states. The total growth is almost half the entire population of Maine!