Stop the TCI Gas Tax!

Governor Janet Mills announced in December that she is not unilaterally entering Maine into a gas tax scheme known as the Transportation Climate Initiative, a regional coalition of 12 states that seeks to make gasoline and diesel fuel so prohibitively expensive that Mainers no longer use or purchase gas-powered vehicles. This is a big win for working class Mainers, but the fight is not over. Nothing in Maine law stops Governor Mills or future governors from entering Maine into the agreement without the legislature’s consent. Tell lawmakers on the State and Local Government Committee to protect Mainers from this new gas tax by supporting LDs 1366 and 1472.

Make no mistake, the TCI is a T-A-X. It forces fuel suppliers to purchase allowances for the carbon emitted by their fuel products, and that cost is passed on to consumers in the form of higher gasoline and diesel prices paid at the pump: as much as 17 cents per gallon in the first year alone, costing the average family in the TCI region an extra $225 per year.